Having Willie Chu and Robin George shoot our wedding was in hindsight, the best choice we could have made.  My fiancée and I checked out several photographers and found that most had very good formal portrait technique, but lacked something with capturing those “special random moments”.  Willie and Robin proved to be not only highly professional, but very talented with keeping up with challenging conditions. 

  We felt that our vision was understood, and that the flexibility they demonstrated showed their talents with people and various lighting conditions.  Our day went from bright and sunny to overcast in a matter of hours.  In spite of this, the exterior shots taken show a consistent high quality that we are greatly pleased with. Reception photos are always a challenge, with difficult lighting and unpredictable action at every turn.  Our photos captured so many “special random moments” that will bring us back to that wonderful day for years to come.  Both Willie and Robin will take the time up front to make sure that your expectations and vision are understood. You can safely and confidently leave it in their hands to capture your day.  Thanks Willie and Robin - We love you both!  


Jon & Jessica Kalleberg

Willie Chu is a wonderful photographer, a kind human 

being and was an integral part in our wedding. For us, 

he captured the hearts and souls of our guests and our bliss that day. The candid shots, group photos, and our ceremony are now etched in our lives through his magic. Working with him in the editing process was exciting and fun and we are forever grateful to him for all he is and has done for us. Putting your trust in his hands, and eyes, you can know your very special day will be an inspiration for his talent………best of everything and peace……Mr and Mrs Stephen Corrigan…….Staten Island New York